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Chapter two 2:23-2:24

2:23"Weapons cannot hurt the Spirit and fire can never burn him. Untouched is he by drenching waters untouched is he by parching winds."

The soul cannot be touched by human hand, nor by natural means. No matter what happens to you, whatever weapon someone uses against you, whether you are burned, drowned or left to die in the elements, nothing can hurt what is essentially you.

2:24 "Beyond the power of sword and fire, beyond the power or waters and winds, the Spirit is everlasting, omnipresent, never-changing, never-moving, ever One."

The soul does not die. Its existence, being outside the realm of time and space, it not tied to time and space. It has no beginning or end because it does not change. It remains always part of the whole.

For the geeks in the room: Does anyone else see the First Law of Thermodynamics here? Energy is neither created nor destroyed. Above, it states that the soul is neither created nor destroyed.

How about the Third Law? Oneness sounds like a quantum ground state that we are approaching as though we are in a sort of spiritual entropy.

The only problem is the Second Law. That can be explained in that it uses time as an entropy base, and the soul is described as outside of time. Is this too geeky or what?
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